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The Harbor Master

The Saba Harbor Office is responsible for the day to day management of facilities and to ensure that operations run efficiently and effectively. The office is responsible for enforcing the regulations of the harbor as per the harbor ordinance, in order to ensure the safety, the security and the correct operation of the port facilities.

The Harbor Office oversees the maintenance and upkeep of harbor facilities, co-ordinates responses to emergencies, and oversees the vessel traffic within the harbor. The harbor office is also responsible for the collection of all port fees. Vessels are required to report at the harbor office when landing on Saba and are required to pay the regulated fees.  

It also falls under the Harbor Office’s responsibilities to report any suspicious or illegal activities to the authorities and to issue local safety information during inclement weather, storms or hurricanes. In order to ensure that the harbor functions effectively and efficiently the harbor master is required to participate in harbor and disaster management training throughout the year and update the staff in these areas.

Harbor Master
Sab National Marine Park Map
Staff of the Saba National Marine Park mooring their patrol boat the "Queen Beatrix" at the Captain Leo Chance Pier - Fort Bay Harbor Saba - Dutch Caribbean - Inage by malachy multimedia n.v.
Saba Conservation Foundation Logo

Saba Conservation Foundation
P.O. Box 18
The Bottom, Saba
Dutch Caribbean

Telephone: ++ 599 416-3295
Fax: ++ 599 416-3435




Saba Conservation Foundation

Marine Park
Every visiting yacht is required to check in with the Marine Park at their office, which is also located in  Fort Bay. You will also be able to buy souvenirs from the boutique shop at the same location.

The Saba Marine Park
The park circles the entire island from the high-water mark to a depth of 60 m (200 feet), including the seabed and overlying waters. The total area is approximately 1300 hectares. A zoning plan divides the park for various recreational and commercial uses. A system of permanent mooring buoys facilitates diving and prevents damage to corals. One of the few self-sustaining marine parks anywhere in the world, the Saba Marine Park raises revenue through visitor fees, souvenir sales, and donations.

The Saba Marine Park is administered by the Saba Conservation Foundation. Access to the park is free for all residents of Saba. Visitors pay US$ 3 per dive.

SCF (Saba Conservation Foundation)

The Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF) is a non governmental organization established in 1987 with a mission to preserve and manage Saba's natural and cultural heritage.

Based in Fort Bay (Saba's only Harbour) and at the Trail Shop in Windwardside to provide you with the  necessary  information to make your visit a truly fulfilling and unforgettable  experience. Committed to the belief that a stronger island economy will result from the sustainable use of Saba's rich and virtually unspoiled resources, the organization meets the main expense of nature management.​

Marine Park
Saba's Hyperbaric Chanber
Hyperbaric Chamber

Chamber Coordinator: Jarno Knijff
Tel: (+599) 416 6301
Email: sabachambercoordinator

Hyperbaric Chamber
Boat Haul out at Fort Bay Harbor
Haul Out

Available 24/7. To find out more about our ramp/crane haul out facilities and procedures contact:

Chief Harbor Master: Travis Johnson           
Tel: +599-416-3294
Office/Cell: +599-416-5318

Hall Out
Triton Forge workshop at Fort Bay - Image by malach multimedi n.v.
Marine Maintenance

John Magor
Triton Forge
PO Box 598
Fort Bay, Saba
Dutch Caribbean

+599-416-3544—The F Factory
+599-416-2458—after hours Atlantic Time

Saba Divers - Image by malachy multimedia n.v.
Dive Centers

Saba Divers
Rudi Schloemer
Fort Street 9
Saba, Dutch Caribbean

Telephone from Europe: +599-416-2526
Telephone USA: 011-599-415-2526
Telephone managers: +599 416 7345 / Cato De Schepper +599 416 7346 / Benjamin Schlegl

Saba Divers Logo

Sea Saba Advanced Dive Center
Chad & Katy Nuttall
PO Box 598
Saba, Dutch Caribbean

Telephone: 599-416-3544 
toll free USA: 1-800-883-SABA
Fax: 599-416-2362

Dive Centers
Washroom Facility on Saba
Restsrooms & Shower Facilities

Open 24hrs a day and cleaned daily.

Rest Rooms
Pop's Place Bar and Grill at Fort Bay Harbor
Food & Drink

Pop's Place
Fort Bay 
Named for its original owner, Pops; this seaside hangout quickly became a staple hang-out for Saban locals and visiting tourist alike. Now, reopening its doors after a complete renovation, Pops Place hopes to reclaim some of its old charm with a flair for the real. It boasts a bar reminiscent of a ship. Its relaxed interior with subdued colours, beckons those who want a quick drink or a leisurely meal. 

Pops Place is open from 9 am-10 pm daily, and closed on Mondays. Currently credit cards are not accepted, however in the near future they will be. 

Come and visit Pops Place; a little bit of old with a whole lot of new.

Ocean Club
Fort Bay
Tel: +599 416 2326

Food & Drink
Saba Taxi - Image by malachy multimedia n.v.

A full list of details can be found on The Saba Tourist Bureau website: Click here!

Gas Station

Big Rock Engineering

Fort Bay Road

Mon-Fri 8am-12pm; 1pm-4pm

Sat 9am-12pm
Tel: +599-4163137

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