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How to get to the Island of Saba fromits surrounding islands - Map designed by malachy multimedia n.v.

Sea conditions can be deceptive from your vessel. As such, we strongly advise you to come ashore only at the harbor, as attempting to land at Well's Bay, Ladder Bay or Cove Bay can be treacherous in certain seas. Arriving yachts are required to proceed to the harbor as soon as possible, clear Customs and Immigration, and then check in/out with the Harbor Master to fulfil the required formalities. If Customs and Immigration are not available, proceed directly to the Harbor Office. The opening hours of the Harbor Office are from 6am to 6pm. Every yacht is also required to check in with the Marine Park at their office, which is also located in Fort Bay.

Contact the Harbor Master on: 
VHF channel 16 or the Saba National 
Marine Park office (+599 416 3295) 
for directions on anchoring, mooring use, 
or any other information you may require.

Sailing to Saba? Good choice! 
There are few destinations where you'll find a pristine reef with volcanic formations and trek through a mountain rain forest on the same day. Saba is that place. Safe, friendly and untouched by commercialized tourism Saba is a destination not to be missed while sailing through the north eastern Caribbean Sea. 

Unlike its surrounding islands Saba has no commercial yacht marina - but rather a secluded strip of moorings on the more sheltered western side of the island. Staring up at the cliffs and slopes of the island from here is breathtaking, you'll imagine yourself alone here surrounded by nature and the few other adventurous vessels moored with you after journeying to this rare and beautiful spot.

Useful links to Saba weather forecasts:

Weather Underground

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Well's Bay Sab Moorings off Saba's western shore - Image by malachy multimedia n.v.
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